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Inviting Agents in China Area and Industry
K-nife Company is one of the best professional manufacturers of cutting tools for die-cutting cutters. Our products are sold to different countries. We can produce high-quality cutting tools made by the current most advanced facilities in the world and two different crafts and materials. And we always persist in a purpose of weeding through the old to bring forth the new and ensuring the products quality consistent from beginning to end.
There are four reasons to choose K-NIFE branded cutting tools:

  1. Outstanding professional ability: Compared with other Europe branded cutting tools, our products can provide die-cutting tools with the same quality and cheaper prices. We can provide a complete set of die-cutting tools with thickness from 0.45 mm to 1.42mm and the height from 5.2mm to 50mm .
  2. High performance index: Over years of specializing in the study of die-cutting tools, we have achieved high-efficiency production with low cost. Under equal technology and business conditions, we firmly believe that K-nife branded die-cutting tools are one of the best brands with price advantages in the global market.
  3. Faithful & Reliable: Because we strictly abide by timely delivery and short delivery time, K-nife Company has become the best trustworthy business partner for our customers. Besides, K-nife Company will maintain a good pricing system for sales districts so as to guarantee your interests.
  4. Flexible policy: We can quickly and economically solve the problems occurred in die cutting. When you need technological support and quick delivery time, K-nife can offer you quick feedback and abundant stocks materials so as to meet your clients' demand.
In order to expand the market in China mainland, Our company has been seeking for outstanding agents in North of China, Middle of China, East of China, South of China, North West of China and South West of China. If you are interested, please contact us, Thanks! Contact information: DONGGUAN K-NIFE CUTTING CO.,LTD
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